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Matthew Pollard

Breadcrumb Slice II
Point of sale for Restaurants
Breadcrumb Slice II
San Francisco, CA
Product Design
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A different point-of-sale unlike any other

Point-of-sale units leveraging consumer-grade iPads and tablets were the rage at the time. Breadcrumb wanted to offer something different... A new “business appliance” optimized for running any hospitality enterprise, with ergonomics based on real-life server needs and sensitivity to the device’s long-term use, maintenance, and environmental impact.


Brand, software, and hardware multiplying each other

We convinced Groupon leadership to build in America by partnering with a family-run business in North Carolina. We designed a tough and resistant product (Raw 6061 high-grade aluminum) that could hold a tired server leaning in it. Sofware was dark enough to work in the evening low-light environments of a restaurant. UI was big and “slap-friendly,”… and the brand was almost functional when interacting with the card reader. The product can be repaired on any small parts, is easily recyclable, and is manufactured locally. Every aspect was carefully selected and intentionally tweaked to serve those goals.


The tank of all POS

The Breadcrumb Slice II is an industrial-grade enclosure for an Apple iPad Air© and a credit card reader, designed explicitly for the point-of-sale market in table-service Restaurants. It features 200+ features-customizable menus, modifiers, kitchen printing, labor management, and real-time reporting. It was an in-house design developed in close collaboration with a small family-run manufacturer in North Carolina. We proudly make the Breadcrumb Slice II 100% in the USA (Read the behind-the-scenes story). Branding (done in collaboration with Mucho design agency) was understated so as not to clash with the restaurant’s own but also confident and bold to make it a conversation starter (every customer in a restaurant being a potential business owner in need of a similar solution).



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