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Tom Kelley

Directly Rebrand
Rebranding for AI
Directly Rebrand
San Francisco, CA
Brand & Logo

Signaling a pivot to a new audience

Rebranding is sometimes the best way to announce (both internally and externally) that something is massively with the product, and its approach. Directly was switching from crowd-sourced customer support to ai-enabled experts. Back then, artificial intelligence was still something of a new concept in the industry, and the brand needed to showcase its user-friendliness and approachable benefits


Announce a new player in the field

We started with our colors… a quick survey of competitive brands indicated we blended in perhaps too well. We also realized that from the narrative point of view, we needed to highlight both main narratives in Directly's storytelling: A complex software solution (AI) coupled with easy-going interactions between humans. We develope a visual imagery that wasfun and intentionally memorable. The illustrations worked with the photographs to convey humans training a friendly AI, as a way of empowering the latter towards the further training (supporting) of other people… People-Powered AI almost rolled off the tongue when describing it!


Interactive brand

Domo was introduced as an avatar next to the AI-driven prompts of our conversation UX... We crafted a range of moods, or expressions, to appear more personable, nuanced, and legible in its interactions with end-users. This whimsical storytelling was a great vehicle to stand out in the crowded space of AI companies emerging in 2018. Directly's brand was not only perceived as "something new" but it was interacted with in user-friendly interfaces for both support experts, and their customers.



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