“Packaging can be theater, it can create a story”

Steve Jobs

Clover Go Packaging
Retail-friendly packaging for the Clover Go
Clover Go Packaging
Sunnyvale, CA
Brand & Logo
Product Design

Enticing new merchants to try Clover

Clover was in a very competitive space, aiming to provide business services to small and medium enterprises. The Product leadership was convinced their solutions were better, yet the challenge was to get this target audience even to try our products once. Betting merchants will stick with Clover once they see the difference.


Creating a gateway into the ecosystem

Clover needed to get merchants "addicted” to their many solutions (software and hardware)... and the easiest, most economical, and lowest risk was for them to become interested in a pocket-sized Clover Go device capable of making transactions via Bluetooth. To make this goal succeed, the packaging of Clover Go was designed to be user-friendly. Unlike most of their products packaged in functional brown boxes, Clover Go was meant to tell a compelling story of user-friendly and seamless usability.


A compelling unboxing experience.

A new retail-friendly packaging for the Clover Go (keeping Apple store guidelines in mind) was architected and designed in collaboration with Marketing and Hardware leadership and well’s packaging engineers of Uneka. Addressing legal concerns, packaging standards, partner and technology copyrights, accessibility, storage, shipping durability, handling, and manufacturing costs… and still delivering something unique and memorable, making the “unboxing experience” a promise to Clover’s attention to detail quality elsewhere. We also addressed hardware graphics, branding, naming, 3D Rendering, and App Store presentation.



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